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I'm Chris Howard. I write fantasy and SF books and short stories--but I am a writer who also paints. I work in watercolors, ink, charcoal, oils, and digital.

I have pen and ink illustration in issue 10 of Shimmer. My first novel SEABORN came out July 2008 from Juno Books. My fiction has appeared in various places--latest is "Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology" in Fantasy Magazine. I won the Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest (amateur division) in 2007.

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Check out my latest graphic novel project, Saltwater Witch

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"City Power Plant"
"Between Two Worlds"
3 Diamond
"Heard you have a zombie problem"
Skate Arzachel
Saltwater Witch panel from page 208
Saltwater Witch panel from page 208
Forest Girl
Saltwater Witch banner art
Gamer Girl
Kassandra and her shark
Seaborn Lounge
Cover concept
Sidecar Ural Sahara - Alice and Keia
Saltwater Witch page 204
Kassandra Lounge Singer CROP
First Rays of a New Day
Saltwater Witch
Victory Dance - Saltwater Witch
Saltwater Witch - page 174
Chap 8 - Kassandra and Ephoros in the Gulf of Mexico
Kitchen Witch with wings of red bell pepper and green onion stalks
Saltwater Witch
Oh, it's you again...
Winterdim scene
Don't make the river witches angry
Playing with Gravity
Mermaid - detail crop
Sea Queen
Saltwater Witch scene
Kassandra Swimming
Waking Dryad
Girls with Guns
Sword Dance
Character study
Saltwater Witch
Character Study - hunters
Robotic Vampire
The Ocean Inside Her (Mother Ocean)
King of the Seaborn
Giant Librarian (better be quiet)
Armored Roses and Ashes (Detail)
SWITCHCP6 "Going Under" - Mr. Henderson sinking into the river with his car
SWITCHCP2 Ephoros Spits up the governess (chapter 2)
Heart of the Sea
Saltwater Witch cover concept