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I'm Chris Howard. I write fantasy and SF books and short stories--but I am a writer who also paints. I work in watercolors, ink, charcoal, oils, and digital.

I have pen and ink illustration in issue 10 of Shimmer. My first novel SEABORN came out July 2008 from Juno Books. My fiction has appeared in various places--latest is "Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology" in Fantasy Magazine. I won the Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest (amateur division) in 2007.

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Check out my latest graphic novel project, Saltwater Witch

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Half in this World
Nanowhere gunship scene
Nanowhere 3rd scene
Kassandra and Ephoros
The World Seed
Summoning sea-demons
Sea Turtle
Desert Power
Kassandra - character study
Jill - character study
Nicole - character study
Naiad, Olivia - Detail crop
Mermaid...that's her tail
Kassandra stretching before a swim
Syren Tears
Kassandra study with octopus suit
Kassandra scene study
King Eupheron when he was young
She is the Sea
Kassandra doing some magic
Undersea Wedding
Kelp Forest
Jillian Crosse  Character Study (Seaborn, Juno Books 2008)
Kassandra Character Study  (Seaborn, Juno Books 2008)
Nicole Garcia Character Study (Seaborn, Juno Books 2008)
Edge Watcher
Phaidra's Love - commission
R & R (Reading & Relaxation)
Girl by the Sea
Fall Magick